Dream in Dance

I want to Learn Better Foundation provide children a platform where they can live their passion and fulfil their dreams through their dancing skills by making them participate in “Dream in Dance Event”.


Social entrepreneurship program for children (SEPC) is a certification program by IWLB, which aims to develop in children an entrepreneurial approach to social issues they are passionate about and learn sharing with those who are underserved and less fortunate.

Industrial Visit

I Want to Learn Better Foundation collaborated with ACC cements for the industrial visit, a workshop in their corporate office, Jasola for the underprivileged children.


IWLB Introduces Steps2Generosity program which aims to teach children the art and skill of Giving and Sharing by providing them a learning environment where they practise sharing

  • Awareness about Latest Techniques of Education by IWLB Foundation
  • “Community Meet” Event on 13 th December in Khirki Extension.
  • Grassroots Comics
  • Health and Fitness Sessions by Experts and Doctors
  • Learning through Role Plays
A Note of Thanks by ASBL Mauricette
Dear Foundation Team,
I meant to write earlier but nevertheless, on the behalf of the Children Education & Development Trust, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the commitment and effort rendered by yourself and the team members...
More than 57 million children around the world do not go to primary school. At least 250 million children cannot read or count, even if they have spent four years in school.
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A Ladder for Quality Learning
Constructivist Pedagogy:
Proven Approaches for Mobile and Tech Learning
Rooted In Community Aspirations:
Sustainable Paradigm for Life Changing Learning
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