Dream in Dance

Live your Dreams

Program Name: Dream in Dance

Purpose: The Program aims to give children a platform where they can fulfil their dreams through dancing.

Target Audience:4-14 years children, who dreams of dancing on an immense platform.

Duration: 4 Hours

Major Highlights:The vision for this program is to develop in kids more activeness for their passion, make them more sociable in their communities as well as develop creative skills. It was also about learning to be disciplined and build a great confidence. We achieved this vision by providing a learning environment that fosters a lifelong practice of action learning, leadership, self-awareness and self-responsibility. Dream in dance by “Nrityansh and Indian youth Power” provides children a platform where kids can explore more and live their passion with to fulfil their dreams.

Outcome of the Program: Children are developed with creative skills, learned discipline and build confidence in their personality. Also,

1. Increased and active participation of children in different activities related to knowledge-sharing, friendship, encouraging a spirit of participative cultural passion.

2. Children were honoured by trophies, gifts, cheques and certificates which motivate kids for their passion and talent.

3. The ultimate aim we achieved was opportunity, where our kids can fulfil their dream through dancing skills and also, importantly forging stronger relationships between the children irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

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