Jyoti Pande

  • With Rich blend of 12 years of academic and corporate technology experience she is deeply involved in creating innovative digital solutions for the underprivileged.
  • Passionate to create measurement systems which give feedback into the system culture of constant improvement.

Rohit Pande

  • A technocrat from IIT and IIM who has worked extensively in education technology.

  • Dedicated to giving back to society by creating life outcomes for children who lack the privilege quotient.

  • Focused on raising funds and on program design/ measurement for the Foundation .

  • Believes in the power of leap-frogging and network effect to cover the massive learning deficit in school systems.

  • Passionate champion of appropriate interventions in national and international conferences to get the best bang from education spends.

Head Alliances

Akhil Singh


  • Akhil is a BITS Pilani alum and a serial entrepreneur 

  • Passionate about solving for using technology to bridge learning gaps 

  • Have extensively worked on ML and AI technologies to create personalized learning systems

  • Believes right intervention in post school learning methodology can be a game changer in bottom of the pyramid schools and classes

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