Social Entrepreneurship Program for Children


Philanthropy, Volunteering, and Social Entrepreneurship

Program Name:SEPC

About: Social entrepreneurship program for children is a one year certification program, helps children practise Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship.

Purpose: The Certification Program aims to develop in children an entrepreneurial approach to social issues they are passionate about and learn sharing with those who are underserved and less fortunate.

Target Audience:6-14 years children, who have often spent a long time on the receiving end of services and welfare for those who are needy and underprivileged.

Duration: 1 year (After successful completion of 1 year the child gets the certificate)

Execution: Providing a learning environment that fosters a lifelong practice of action learning, leadership, self-awareness and self-responsibility, along with practising Philanthropy.

Approach: We acknowledge there are a number of models of social investment, however the approach this program takes is to focus on two areas: Engaged Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship. We believe these two models provide the most powerful vehicle to achieve systemic social change.

Project Highlights:

1. Launch / Introducing SEPC Event

2. 3 Workshops in a year

3. 4 Projects in a year

4. 4 Online session with NGO kids

5. Submission / Wind up Day

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