Chalo ek basta banaye

Philanthropy, volunteering, and social entrepreneurship

I can be the change? For real? What does this little kid know about the world, let alone the changes it needs? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Age group- 3- 17 years

Vision: To teach children the art and skill of ‘Giving’ through experiential and collaborative learning.

For kids who have often spent a long time on the receiving end of services and welfare to engage with kids who need the most.

The program believes that by exposing children to philanthropy and social enterprise it is possible to create a positive context for an entire generation of young children giving them the opportunity to take up responsibilities, learn leadership skills and ultimately make a difference in this world.

We raise awareness in children about the needs in disadvantaged communities, with a focus on empowering them to take positive action.

We would love to involve you in giving your child the opportunity to contribute and continue to achieve this goal and the inspired provision of many varied educational opportunities to learn, grow, develop leadership, develop empathy and become change makers of future.

Key Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

  1. Understand the value and importance of Help. Helps to create empathy.
  2. Understand they can make a difference in their community
  3. Have developed and practiced skills that will help them make a difference
  4. Express his creativity through GIVING.

How To Participate For AWARDS?

  • Make a basta of eco-friendly material. (use any eco-friendly
  • material you have at home like cloth or woven bags ,old schoolbags in good condition, shopping bags etc). Plastic is not allowed.
  • Write BASTA or बस्ता on it and decorate the bag (use creativity)
  • Keep stationary (1 copy and 1 pen/pencil/colours). You can keep other things like a book or stationary set etc if you want.
  • Take a pic of the bag and another pic distributing the bag and mail it to us at
  • Please mention your name, age, school, address in the email.
  • Bag can be given to any street child/underprivileged child.
  • Only children can participate.
  • Categories: 3-7 years (minor), 7-12 years (junior), 12-18 years(senior)

Winners will be declared in February on our social media.

  • Trophies and certificates to first 10 winners
  • Medals and certificates to next 50 winners
  • Certificates of Appreciation to next 100 winners.
  • For any queries contact us at

Features of Program

  • Helps to create empathy in children
  • Enhances creativity .
  • Acknowledge Grace and express Gratitude.
  • Best of waste.

Basta program for schools

We welcome schools across India to get your school registered for the 'Basta' program. The students can henceforth participate in the basta donation drive and other competitions. School ambassadors will be chosen from different schools to support the school programs. They will be getting certificates for their contribution to the programs.

We will also be awarding/ giving certificates to schools who contribute significantly in the basta program.

To register your school please send your school details (name,address,contact no, name of contact person) at or